Saturday, February 25, 2006

One at a time...or two

workstation, originally uploaded by genabille.

Here in my new pad...transformed by American culture, I enjoy my time alone. I celebrate my individuality in this so called independence though relying on government money to pay for my education and expenses. I congratulate myself on a new job that satisfies my inner longing to be in ministry yet well paid, respected, recognized, honored, and accepted.

A pat on the what I deserved, longed for, expected, and earned. It is as simple as that. No competition but fairness. No antagonism but affinity. No animosity but amiability.

One at a time...or two...I bring all these stuff to complete my bedroom, workstation, kitchen, multipurpose room. two hours is what it takes to build the computer desk and $39.99 to spend. 30 min is what it requires to assemble the chair and another $39.99 to hand over to a lady at the Customer Service Station. I was well served by an Office Depot employer, who helped me load these in my car.

At home, excited where to place my desk, I open the booklet that says "Assembly Instructions." My time is worth while putting together furnitures that I am using for the next two years and I am tossing for the next phase in life. -Sojourner-

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