Monday, March 27, 2006

Movies at iba pa

Here are the things I did this weekend:
1. I went to my cousin's school carnival. When they say kiddie carnival, it means kiddie carnival. Besides strong winds that ruined my hair, my cousin had fun. There were no losers in this carnival; everybody gets a prize for trying.
2. I went to my grandpa's birthday. Being with centennial citizens wasnt not exciting, but I cant deny the fact that the food was great! My grandma cooked most of it. (Her specialties are Dinuguan and Papaitan.) My family has been eating before the party started. So when the visitors came, I went straight to the desert table.
3. I watched two movies: "Ako Legal Wife" and "Dont give up on us Baby." "Ako Legal Wife" is hilarious. This movie deserves two thumbs-up. The screenplay is outstanding. On the other hand, I was a little bored when I watched "Dont give up on us Baby." The movie would often focus on one scene for a very long period of time. (I guess this is to grab the emotion of the viewers.) However, I did not find it necessary to enhancing my viewing experience. For example, there was a scene that focused on Juday and Piolo's reunion in his truck. They were crying for 2-3 minutes! So what, who cares? All I wanted to do was to press the ff button.
4. I watched "Maalaala mo kaya" episode: Orchid. I was moved by the movie. The story was incredible. A Chinese Filipina who fell in love with a Thai med school student in Cebu. After he graduated, they got married and moved to Thailand. The Chinese Filipina did not have a smooth experience adjusting to another culture. Nevertheless, she tried her best. Her Thai husband died of bone cancer after she gave birth to their third child. Her father, who disowned her after marrying her non-Chinese husband, also died on the same year as her husband. The story was about two lovers, who made it through thick and thin. They made a promise to look after one another for the rest of their life and they stuck to their words.

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