Thursday, March 16, 2006

Work and houses

Thursdays is usually my day off from work. But finals week lets me work extra hours this week, not to forget my spring break that starts next week.

Nothing strange happened today as predicted on Monday. All the kids acted normal, I thought. Everything went on schedule. No one hit each other badly, maybe because no one complained. The kids played during freetime. They read during independent reading time and they did their homework without complains, so, in my opinion, the kids did a great job.

So how about the teachers? Well, Kelley is still sick. She has been taking cough syrup that makes her drowsy, sometimes unable to read to the children. Aikeya perhaps spoke with Kelley to pull out the K-2nd graders, so she could read to them separately, which I didnt think went well. Karla and Betty showed up at 3:30, and they probably thought it was weird of me to show up on a Thursday. They cleaned up the whole backyard after all the kids were gone. My offering to help was denied, or at least I received a silent treatment. I wanted to help, but I got so confused with the direction on how to fold the white tables that I just gave up and left. It was Betty who tried to explain to me how to magically fold the tables, and she kept saying "to pull the thing and have another person push the thing." I did not understand what in the world she was trying to say.

On the way home today, I hit traffic, which wasnt unusual. I did not complain because sitting in traffic only gave me an opportunity to take a picture of a house on San Gabriel that reminds me of houses in Philippines.

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