Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fun and Crazy Weekend

It was a fun and crazy weekend. My aunts, uncles, cousins and I went to Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs. The place was beautiful and the weather was perfect at least in Spring. It was not too hot nor too cold. It was the great weather to bask under the sun while I finished reading Resident Aliens for a paper due on Wednesday. (BTW, this is a great book for those in ministry.) I took a break from my reading to relax in the Jacuzzi then into the kiddie pool--to watch my little cousins. Gabby and Chloe, anxiously with stronger spines, went on the smaller slide while Nielle and I, courageously with shaking knees, faced our fears to go on the bigger slide. Some of us remembered the taste and smell of chlorined water with our mouths and nose! Regarding water up the nose, better ask Nielle.

Palm S 2
These photos were taken at Dawn. I apologize for blurry pix.
Palm S

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