Monday, April 03, 2006

Mad about You

This story is purely a work of fiction. Any similarities between any character herein and actual persons living or dead are purely coincidental. (yeah right!)

It is not fair

That you had to wait

This long

In my dreams

I have learned to let you go

In my prayers

I have learned to free you

Lorraine studied hard in high school that she had no doubt getting in any university. She chose University of San Diego to pursue her studies in Biology. She loves the campus and the city of San Diego. The city is populated with Filipinos, her own kind. She enjoys being with people who shares the same culture, traditions, and backgrounds as her. During her spare time, she stays at Filipino restaurants, observes Filipino behavior, and listens to Tagalog conversations. Due to the rich flavor of San Diego, she picks UCSD as her Alma matter.

Her friendly personality does not keep her from getting friends. She talks with anyone: man or woman, old or young. She meets many college girls beside her roommate. Many college boys come to her because of her approachable personality.

Her roommate invites her to a seminar in “Genetic Transformation.” Although she is busy with schoolwork, she agrees to go with her. The room is filled with young, ambitious Biology majors who are willing to do whatever it takes to work at the best genetic laboratories. During break time, she meets this young man, Laurence. Laurence goes to UCLA and he is majoring in Molecular Biology. He and Lorraine hit it off right away. They have many things in common. Lorraine is very fond of him; the feelings are mutual.

Laurence is tall and gorgeous. According to her list, that which enumerates all the qualities she is looking for in a man, Laurence fits perfectly.

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