Monday, May 01, 2006

Bad day to start a month


Are you kidding me? This is really a horrible day to start a month. A rally against immigration reform so that illegal immigrants can have green card visas does not make sense to me. It's true that U.S.-Mexico border have been undefined for hundreds of years now. The Southwest, what used to be part of Mexico, lost to U.S., making citizens of Mexico American citizens. But, that was back then, laws have changed, government has evolved, and foreign policies have developed.

If U.S. starts giving out green cards to Mexicans, mostly passionate about this new law, who have been in America for a long time, what about other nationalities such as Asians, Africans, and Europeans to mention a few? Im curious how this will affect national security. Airports security is stricter than ever. INS is not easily giving away a visa to anyone. America has been careful and has been doing a better job when it comes to national security. Opening the U.S.-Mexico border would be an easy route for non-Mexicans to come to U.S. I understand this long term relationship between U.S. and Mexico but, for crying out loud, America has got to start controlling her immigration issues.

It feels like I did not give a solution to this issue. If I was asked the question whether I would give out green card visas to illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for a long time, well, I would response by asking for proof of good citizenship. What I mean by this is that I would want to see clean DMV records, if they ever got a license before DMV started checking for immigration status, no FBI records, never taken drugs, and never been arrested. I would give green card visas to illegals who strive to get an education, are diligent, and are polite and curtious to fellow Americans.

The people who will protest no matter what are those who do not have a life, work, or any thing else productive to do.

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