Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Angels Camp

In Summer, my family and I went to Angels Camp to get away from our mundane weekly rituals. We drove a little over an hour to see what the foothills has to offer visitors and tourists. We went underground inside a cavern. To get to the bottom of the underground cavern, we had to take 265 steps down.

Stairs and more stairs
The scarriest part was going down the spiral stairs. Im a little bit scared of heights. I can suck it in, shut up, and (overtly) hide my fear, but my knees tremble and my heart beats as fast as it can.
Saving space by building a spiral staircase

The view outside is nice and the weather is cool. Here is a picture of my family including our dog who thinks she is a part of the family (or do we just think that way?).
We went for some winetasting. These are pictures from the small vineyard. I particularly like the apricot wine for dessert. But, we did not get that, we bought Barbera instead.
Around the town, there is a Carriage Museum.

My mom poses in front of a miniature windmill and across the white house.

Here I hate taking pictures with my mom.
Frog statue at Calaveras.
This statue listens to my venting.
Move aside Mr. Jones

I dont want to forget about my brother who do not want his picture taken by me.
Bro and Burberry

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