Monday, September 29, 2008

Chocolate Anonymous

Hi my name is Gen. I am a Chocolate Addict. So we were driving back home and we decided to stop by a Chocolate Factory, properly named Chocoholics in Clements. I found myself smiling as I walked inside the chocolate store. The store sells only chocolate. It has different kinds of chocolate: Milk, Dark, White, Hot Chocolate. It even has chocolate wine! First I wanted to taste the samples. So, I walked towards the counter where they had milk, dark, and white chocolates. Milk chocolate variety was heavenly. (It a similar consistency as Toblerone without the nougat.) The store defines it as "divine desserts." I would have to agree. Dark chocolate was a little too sweet for me, but my mom likes dark chocolate, so she bought one for herself. (My taste buds are familiar with Lindt's Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao, which is a little bitter, made for sophistacated taste buds???) She chose the organic variety. Although not USDA, she prefers organic over conventional made.

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