Monday, October 20, 2008

Crochet and Doggie Sweater

So I am using my mom's laptop because I havent fixed my laptop.

Anyway, I decide to post some pix of crafts/projects I have done while computer-less.

Here are crochet hat and scarf.

I love making doggie sweater. I made this dog's clothes from an old grey cardigan which my mom isnt using anymore. I used the front to make the top side of doggie sweater and I added some bling. I made the hood by following the outline along the stiches for button and button holes. I decided not to cut it and saw the potential of creating a hood for doggie sweater. I lined the hood with left over black textile lying around (I think its a left over from a skirt I made two years ago.) The gold and black flower are buttons I found in my mom's sewing basket. This sweater looks glamorous with the addition of three bling buttons. It looks elegant and sophisticated. Grey and black look chic and gold adds grandiose. My dog is going to love her new sweater.

Front of doggie sweater cut from the back side of a cardigan.

Top side of sweater cut from the front of a cardigan.

Bling to embellish

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