Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charice Pempengco on Oprah

So we know Charice, a young talented Filipino singer, sang on Oprah yesterday. Her performance was outstanding and emotional. As I listened closely to the lyrics of her song, I thought her "A Note to God" is a religious/faith song. I would describe it as quite similar to Jamie Rivera's "Heal Our Land." I was not surprise by her song choice as Filipinos would more than often sing religious/faith songs for Catholic Charismatic Church. I was touched and moved by her song. I believe so was the audience and Oprah. A couple of women were standing in the audience when she was singing. Charice even shed some tears while hitting high notes. Oprah, watching her audience, shed a tear as well. After she sang, Oprah had the chance to ask her what she felt when she was singing her song. Coming from Philippines from a middle class background, I was expecting from her a passion to relieve poverty and violence in her country and around the world. As someone who rose from middle class status in third world country to fame and riches, I thought she would be able to compare her life then and now and be able to express compassion for her fellow countrymen and to promote alleviation of poverty and violence in her country and around the world. I thought she would bring awareness to third world poverty and violence. I thought she would be a spokesperson for a non government organization to help others and so forth. But I was wrong. She replied with innocence that she was excited to release her first album and everybody had the chance to hear her new song. While watching her, I burst into a sneer. I was fooled. Charice was expressing some teenage mentality of self centeredness like other teenagers, which is normal. It's ok to think about yourself. It's ok to be excited about your new album. She was just being a teenager. But next time a little PR would not hurt. You know, talk like you're in a beauty pageant even if you don't really feel compassion for the poor or want to end violence around the world. Pretend. Say that you want to. Make people believe you want to. You'll sell more albums that way.

Picture from Wikipedia, "Charice Pempenco"
I still love Charice. She is talented. I have not seen anybody cry and hit high notes at the same time. However, she's a teenager and she'll change over the years. She'll become more seasoned and prepared to face the camera. If she listens to what Oprah would have to say in response to her teenage mentality-me first- comment, she will keep her feet planted on the ground even if she is wearing Manolos. Maybe one day she would be a spokesperson to end poverty in third world country.