Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ikaw at ako

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin
Sa Maykapal aking dinadalangin
Dapat ba kitang limutin
Pa'no mapipigil ang isang damdamin
Kung ang sinisigaw ikaw ang lahat sa akin

She is trying to pick up where she left off in 2001. Being reunited with her friends in high school is an instrument for the changes that are happening in her life right now. After six years of separation, she finally spoke with her friends on the phone. She feels very comfortable with her old friends. Her friendship involves a sense of trust and honesty. She can tell her friends anything and everything.

Last night while talking with her friend, she had an aha moment. It is a self-actualization that she could not have done alone but only through the help of someone who knows her well. She realized that she is a man-eater. She has hurt this person like she did with other men. If she is given a chance to speak with him, she would like to apologize for her behavior. Had she known her behavior would ruin him, she would have straigthened up. She does not MEAN to hurt him. She does not WANT to hurt him. After all she is friends with him. She would never hurt her friend. She wants to tell him that he mean the world to her.

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