Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What the face!

Why is it that people's faces change? There are days when I look so simple. It is the look of an ordinary Filipina living in Philippines. There are also days when I look like a typical Filipina-American. I have gone to school looking like I just finished a hard work out at the gym. Sweat shirts and running shoes are so comfortable. I have days when I look so refreshed during dead week. While everyone is trying to finish papers and deal with life situations, I am doing my best to get notice by a special person. When I look cute, I get compliments (of course, I humbly take them). When I look professional, I feel like quitting my job and finding a better paying job. When I look hot, then heads turn, conversations get longer and slower, faces grin, and laughter sounds like flirting.

What do I really look like in person? I wonder whether I look real to other people. It makes me reflect on what other people are thinking about me. I don't want the popularity. I don't need the attention. I would give away the spotlight. I just want to be me. I wonder if my face gives an impression of who I really am. Do I look like a people pleaser? Do I look like an extrovert? Do I look fun? Do I look serious? Do I look old, young, tired, or energized? What does my face tell you?

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