Thursday, February 08, 2007

Same Difference

My parents want to get a new TV. Lucky for me, I get to have their old one. On my way back from my rents place, I placed an old TV in the back of my aunt's car. It is now my TV and it has served its purpose well, at least for the past 2 weeks.

Because I dont have cable in my room, I only have 3 channels when Im lucky, 2 when its windy. After my very late afternoon nap, crappy dinner, I have no choice but to watch OC. I have to admit that this is my first time to watch this program. I have heard of it. I know its very popular among the teens but I never really had the patience to watch SoCal kids partying and wasting their life. Its like an updated version of 90210.

Nevertheless, there is a lesson I learned from this show. Towards the end of the episode, Ryan is debating whether his relationship with Taylor is worth saving. It turns out she and Ryan are very different from each other, in which Taylor argues that no two people are alike. This is where I started thinking about my relationship (ok, if my cousin is reading this, I mean PAST relationship).

I am different from Si-el-chey in many ways. I am a girl. He is a boy. I love to drive. He loves to run. I love to watch basketball. He loves to play sports. I love to have a few close friends. He loves to be friends with everybody. I am quiet. He is loud. I am introverted. He is extroverted. I am older. He is younger. I am task-oriented. He is people-oriented. I am linear. He is spontaneous.

How might a potential relationship work based on differences between two people? Will I ever have a perfect relationship, one ie a testimony to others looking for love? Will I ever learn to love my potential boyfriend for who he is. Is there hope for me?

Perhaps, if I focus on what binds us together, I could have a potential relationship. By way of an example: Ryan works at a Mexican Restaurant/Bar while Taylor loves French philosophy. Ryan has never been married. Taylor is divorced. Regardless of their differences, what brings them together is their love for each other. Towards the end of the episode, Ryan talks to his dad about his relationship. To which, his dad reminds him that it is the good memories that count. Memorable pasts bind two different people together. In reflecting on my story, what binds me to him? What brings me to him? Is it destiny? Is it the will of the Almighty One? Is it divine appointment, or is it coincidental?

My solution during this waiting period is to do self reflection instead. While single people are trying to figure out who has God prepared for them, singles should strengthen their character and work on their weaknesses. A way of knowing one has found that person is when one laughs even if s/he does not want to smile. A person who made an effort to make a potential partner smile means that their relationship is worth saving. Choose to be with this person.

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