Saturday, March 03, 2007

My love

It's been a year since I had a hunch that he was into me. I wasn't sure just yet. It was on the first week of May when I was absolutely positively sure that he wanted to date me. As time passed by, I have seen him grow and mature into a different person. Although I don't talk to him anymore, I think I can say that he has evolved into a discerning, knowing, wise man of God. I saw him the other day and I did not expect him to humbly talk to people who are different from him. All I could do was stare. (He did not see me though.) I stared at him mesmerized at his wonderful character, his charming appeal, and his great personality. I was speechless to find someone I have prayed for all my life. I have finally met him. I have been friends with him. I have known him, and for the last time, I pray, again, to find favor in the Lord's eyes to spend the rest of my life dedicated, committed, and connected to him. I want to participate in the will of God so that together, hand in hand, he and I can join and walk as we grow as disciples of Christ. I want to thank the Lord for loving us, protecting us daily, and providing for us. My gratitude goes to my Creator for molding us to be more Christ-like. Thank you for personal growth, job opportunities, ministry, friends, and family. Oh, Yes, if he asks me, I'll marry him.

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