Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Prospective?

It is so wonderful to hear words of flattery from someone I just met. Actually, I have met this person online. The internet is not exactly the best place where I expect to meet a cute guy who wants to go out with me. How does online dating work anyway? How far does truth telling apply in this situation?

Nevertheless, I feel great like walking on cloud nine. I feel like I am still attractive. I feel valued over my personality and characteristics. I have made right choices in my life, not involving myself with bad company but investing my life with a good group of friends and family. This is what he has acknowledged on his message. It is a great feeling to be noticed by someone even if he is not dinky person. I wish he is dinky person behind that screen.

Who ever that person is, he made me feel special. He made me feel like I am important. It may be weird to initiate a relationship with someone online and it may be difficult to select a date with someone who does not share my social background and personal beliefs, it is still crucial to give him my blessings. This is what I told him on my reply letter. I wish him many blessings.

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