Monday, May 21, 2007

To have and to hold

If I was going to have my love story written, I would rather have the Lord creatively write every detail of my love journey. I would not have my story any other way. The Lord says he knows the strands of our hair. The Lord knits us in our mother's womb. He is present in every stage of our life and during the movement from one stage to another. Until we are ready to commit our lives to another person whom the Lord has chosen for us, he leads us to the right path that we may not be lost. What the Lord has done for us is what I am grateful for. I thank the Lord that in my uniqueness, he has wisely picked out the person whom I share the same vision. I am exuberant that in this world, there is one person who loves me for who I am. In God's perfect timing, I will be with dinky person. I will have it no other way, but to have and to hold dinky person for the rest of my life.

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