Monday, May 14, 2007

Got milk?

This is my cousin. When I visit her, the first question she asks me is: Do you have boyfriend? I guess just as milk is so important for our bodies to sustain healthy living and maintain strong bones, having a boyfriend is also crucial not only to our physical bodies but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. When a boyfriend comforts us and stands as our strong tower, we feel rescued. There is someone whom we can depend on. A person who is responsible, independent, compassionate, kind, understanding, and empathetic. When a boyfriend makes room for us, our mind stops stressing and retreats back to relax mode. Cortisol in our blood goes back to normal secretion. Our mind thinks of good and positive things to maintain our sanity. Although stress is inevitable, we remain sane in spite of daily tension we experience. A relationship with someone who shares compatibility with our own quirky personality keeps all of our cultural interrelationship with the self within healthy boundaries.

The strong tower whom we depend on is our source of emotional strength. The brain that maintains normal level of cortisol secretion in our blood tells the self that one is safe. The self gets a signal from the brain and functions normal again. Tears may fall from our eyes, pain may leave prints in our hearts but to be resilient in the midst of business and chaos is the most valued character we have to attain.

When our mind and emotions are healthy, the organs in our bodies celebrate in unison. We become strong and able to resist illness and sicknesses. We can fight flu, cough, cold, headaches, indigestion, heartburn, diabetes, cholesterol and so forth. I stress so much the importance of having a healthy environment and surroundings because without which we are poor human beings, continually striving for positive outcomes but leads nowhere.

Healthy bodies, mind, and emotions lead to healthy spirituality. What the Lord has given us makes us thank him for everything he has provided. The Lord has offered us more than what we can handle. He makes our cup overflows with so much blessings. This is why I believe the Lord has reached us first. He extends his hand to us by his grace. We have a choice to accept his offer or refuse. The decision is on us not on him. He has given us so much. He has offered a hand to those who ask. He has extended his aid to those who needs more time to think. To those who have forgotten to ask, he remembers and he gives his aid. Relationship with the Lord is an expression of a healthy spirituality, which leads to healthy mind, emotions, and bodies. It is a upward spiral that brings all parts of the self into complete development. (Philippians 1:6)

Dont forget to ask yourself: Got relationship? Maybe the relationship is not with the opposite sex but with a friend, a mom, a dad, a sister, a brother. You get the point.

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