Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to correct other people

What is the right way of correcting other people? I have stumbled across this question because my friend do not know how to correct other people. So, I come up with ideas on how to correct other people. I might not have the right answer to the right way of correcting other people. Nevertheless, I am going to suggest my way.

First, when I correct others, I tell them what they have done right. I acknowledge their effort, persistence, spirit, positive attitude, creativity, and imagination. I look them in the eye when I am speaking about what they do so well. I may even flash a smile (only when I know the person I am talking with is not creepy or desperate for a date, love, or attention).
Second, I slowly creep in to say what I do not like. I sometimes start with safety issues (Be careful not to) or what an expert might say (the doctor suggest not to use to much salt.) In other words, I use a triangle to gently correct other people.
Lastly, I add another praise into the conversation. (Overall, I like the effort you have put in this project. Nice try. Good job.)

In summary when I correct other people I sandwich my criticism in between two praises. Afterall, correcting other people sometimes hurt their feelings. By using positive words before and after I correct others, I am eliminating the effects of negative words into their psychological mind.

That's one more step to make the world a better place.

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