Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Im here in San Joaquin now

So I moved back here to be closer to my family. My stay has not been what I had dreamed of since I moved out of L.A. So, I know that someone rents the room downstairs. She knows my mom and allegedly a victim of domestic abuse. She has been staying here for awhile. She leaves the house when my mom is around but before she takes off, she asks my mom for money through lending her jewelries and what have yous. So, she left the house in the afternoon and came back at night. She asked for the clothes iron (without looking at her, I said I do not know where it is.) Apparently, she was not satisfied to how I answered her, so she confronted me and asked why I was mad at her. So, I blurted everything I had been hiding inside. I said that she does not want to move out after she was asked so many times. She answered that her moving out is not my problem because she pays my mom her rent. I said my house is not big enough for all of us (In Tagalog, pampasikip ka sa pamilya namin.) She asked how she has been pampasikim. I said: "Dont you get it. Your daughter steals and we have to pick her up. She steals frequently and we always have to bail her." She defended that she was never told to move out. I reminded her that my dad had a talk with her and my dad said that she agreed to move out. Then I went upstairs with the words: "Ang kapal ng mukha mo. Hindi ka marunong mahiya. Ako pa itong inaaway mo. Gago." The "gago" word was uncalled for. I was just so upset and I could not handle it anymore. I could not handle how she manipulates my family to get her way. I could not handle how she is always playing it "nice" and "weak" to appeal to people's emotions. She has lots of relatives in California. She is not homeless. She has a place to stay. Why in my house??? What do I do??? I told my parents that if she doesnt move out I will. How cliche is that??? I dont know what to do next.

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