Monday, September 08, 2008


I still cant believe how this blog is so random. It represents what goes on inside my head. Random ideas that are not connected with each other but somehow in some form I try to make relations out of them and with them. To show you an example, I post this blog about my little garden in the backyard. I started my garden when I moved in the Central Valley. I began to plant easy to grow vegetables like tomatoes, okra, peppers (jalapeno, green bell pepper), eggplant, squash (three kinds), and cucumber. So far, my tomato crops have been fruitful (no pun intended).

These were planted from tomatoes I bought from Safeway. They grew from seeds. However, they do not thrive in my area when heatwaves come in summers. I have to replace them with locally grown tomatoes.

These are heirloom tomatoes (Brandywine). I love this variety. I can taste the fruit sugar in them. However, I dont prefer them with bagoong and fried tilapia. = ( The sweetness ruins the saltiness of bagoong.
Although I had a hard time with my cherry tomatoes in the beginning of summer because the leaves were turning yellow, I am glad this tomato is still alive and it continues to bear fruit!

Eggplant (Ichiban) vis a vis orange tree and against blue skies.
I love eggplant in tortang talong. No distinct flavor from this eggplant. I can say that this is certified organic. I even use as fertilizer fish gills and intestines dunk in water for 2 hours or more.

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