Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greatest American Dog

Here's what I have to say to the show The Greatest American Dog: Presley do not deserve to win the contest. Andrew should have won the contest! Actually, Galaxy should have won the contest. I do not understand why the judges voted Galaxy out. By far, Galaxy is the strongest, smartest, fastest dog. However, I think the judges do not like the owner, J.D. So, when it comes down between Andrew and Presley, Andrew should have won the contest. Mind you, Andrew is a toy dog who is smart, active, and fast. The judges say that Andrew flew over the obstacles in the last episode. However, the judges pick Presley who in the beginning of the competition did not show any skills or talents. He was not even trained yet! I felt that Travis steals ideas and techniques from his housemates. Isnt that called plagiarism in the real world??? Did Travis cheat his way to his trophy???

What are the judges looking for in this competition? Are they looking for self-controlled, well-trained, fast, photogenic, strong, cute, adorable dog or are they looking for a reciprocal relationship between the owner and the dog? If the goal is the latter, then Laurie and Andrew should have won the contest. The relationship between Laurie and Andrew is amazing. Andrew trusts Laurie and Laurie trains Andrew to be the best dog. On the other hand, Travis takes ideas from his housemates. He would not even survive the competition had J.D. not been around from whom he copies his techniques. I think Travis and Presley are far from having a reciprocal relationship with each other. Heck, Travis would not know what to do next now that his housemates are gone! I felt that the judges are biased. The reason they choose Travis is because he is easy on the eyes. That's the truth folks! There should not be any season II. If they choose to have a season II, rename the show: The Greatest American Dog Owner. Qualifications: easy on the eyes.

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