Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Already thinking about Christmas

Would it be right to say that Christmas has already started among Filipinos in California? Not so, really. We just had Halloween, and one birthday party after another. Then we have to celebrate Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving we start our count down to Christmas. Would it not be fair to say that Christmas has already started in the hearts of Filipino Californians? I think Filipinos in California would rebut that and respond with the spirit of Christmas should always be in our hearts all year round.

Nevertheless, in Philippines, not in California, when the month ends with -ER- Christmas season starts. The house is filled with lanterns (parol), ornaments (metallic silver, red, and green foil ornaments), and fake Christmas tree wrapped with metallic foil garland. On the street, the presence of children caroling in front of houses are existent. I remember taking bottle caps and using a hammer to flatten them and a nail to place a hole in the center so I can insert a wire. The caps are held together in a circular wire, twisted together on one end. Then after making my noise-making-caroling instrument, I would feel so embarrass of my work. I would pass on my ideas to my friends who followed up on my plans. Children use their talented voices and abilities to play the guitar and sing to make extra cash for Christmas.

While other kids were having so much fun singing and playing with bottle-caps-music-instruments, I watched them from my house. Christmas was around the corner when my mom and my relatives were looking forward to a boxed package weighing 70 lbs or less from United States or Middle East. When my mother shopped for Christmas cards to send out to relatives in Texas and California and to my dad in the Middle East, Christmas was coming. I remember receiving international phone calls from my relatives and my dad and wishing them Merry Christmas. When I was living in Philippines, Christmas season starts when written and verbal communication between families and relatives are present.

So, is it Christmas in California yet. By far, NO. I wish the spirit of Christmas was here, but I have to wait until after Thanksgiving. Until then, I could watch for new toys in the market (hopefully, not made in China) for children. I could continue to browse in store or online for educational toys and toys that foster creativity and imagination. I could browse for clothes and gifts for adults. To you Christmas spirit, you just have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

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