Saturday, December 06, 2008


Christmas is here and its better this year. On Thanksgiving weekend, we put up our Christmas lights, trees, decorations, wreaths, nativity scenes, and almost everything stored in the garage. Thanksgiving week sets off the holiday as I blogged here a few weeks ago. I'm no longer waiting for the Christmas spirit; it is already here. Although in this economy the malls are not as packed as it were a few years ago, there are people shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations nevertheless.

I also noticed the commercialization of Christmas on t.v. There are more commercials on toys and video games, ipod, x-box, wii, dolls, toys for toddlers, educational toys. In my observation, commercials on toys and video games are more existent on Saturday mornings when kids watch cartoons. However, I watch toys commercials even on prime time t.v. when adults are watching and kids are in bed. The psychology of commercialization here is toy companies want parents to know that video games, ipod, dolls are available in stores or online. Whatever little Jane wants for Christmas, she can have. Parents don't have to disappoint their kids.

My other observation is the collectiveness of families exemplified through x-box games and wii commercials. Have you seen these commercials? Dad and mom are playing video games with their kids. Families are spending time together. What extracurricular activities--like soccer games, choir practices, basketball practices, tutoring, piano lessons, tap dancing--have done in families in the past, isolating each member from each other due to schedule conflicts, x-box and wii are bringing together. What a concept! This is what the church should aim! (More on that on next post)--togetherness of families.

Needless to say Christmas is here. It is evident in t.v. commercials, in neighborhoods, in communities, in cities, in America. Despite of economic failure, we are blessed to celebrate Christmas this year. In my opinion, I like Christmas this year; I don't have too much or too little. Christmas is just right!

Happy weekend!

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