Friday, December 05, 2008

First Ladies: Imelda and Michelle

What is this fascination with Michelle Obama's suit for Inauguration Day? Why do we worry about what she would wear instead of concerning how she will be as a first lady? When I saw the headlines on Yahoo! News I just had to read the full story. (Click this to view full story) I became curious. What is her style? What kind of suits does she wear? Where does she get her outfits?

I cannot undermine Imelda Marcos reputation as the most lavish first lady ever known. Her collection of shoes is vast, counting to 5400. To sell her shoes could probably solve some road problems in Philippines. Her shoes could probably pay for a new hospital for the poor or could provide educational enrichment for struggling public school system.

Moreover, Imelda Marcos did not come from wealthy family. Although she is a descent of Spanish blood, which makes her third generation mestiza, she did not grow up in extravagant lifestyle. When she became the first lady of Philippines, she defined herself as a luxurious high powered individual, who went on shoe shopping spree while her husband reconstructed Philippine government.

So I do wonder again. Why do we worry about what first ladies wear on Inauguration Day? Thinking again about Michelle Obama, shouldn't we worry about what she will do when she become first lady or how she will be as a first lady? Shouldn't we wonder how she would define herself when she becomes first lady? As a word of caution, if we keep putting pressure on her to wear fashionable suits, aren't we acting as catalysts to define herself as a fashionista?

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