Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fun Stuff To Make

I have been searching online for fun stuff to do like crafts and arts. I like handmade ornaments posted on Better Homes and Gardens. First one I like is the Ribbon Candy Twist Ornaments. I am thinking of using fruit rolls instead of ribbons and marshmallows instead of pearl. After making the ornament, kids or adults have a choice of eating it or hanging it on a tree.

The second I like is Poinsettia Ornament. I like the variation of colors on the flower; it starts from dark red to light red and the green contrast pops out. This project can also be done with paper instead of felt, which can be costly if doing as a group project for kids. If done with paper, kids can write their names and date on the back. This can also be laminated to protect paper from tearing. Year after year, they will remember this cute project. Parents can see how much their kids have grown over the years.

Great stuff to do for Christmas. I like doing crafts with kids where they unleash their creativity and fine tune their motor skills using their hands and sharpening their capabilities to make projects.

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