Friday, June 02, 2006

Tell it to me straight...

by Spanish Star

I don't understand you
or the way you act
Why cant you just tell me
straight up the fact

Do you want me
is all I want to know
Please just tell me
so I don`t feel so low

We can move forward
or I can get over you
But first you got to tell me
what you want me to do

I have waited around
for way to long
I don`t know if that
makes me weak or strong

But now it`s over
I am telling you it straight
The way you are treating me
just isn`t right

Make up you mind
once and for all
Or else you can forget about
ever giving me a call

It will be hard
cause my feelings are true
And for a little while
I know I`ll feel blue

But at least then I know
what my future is
And truly anything
is better than living like this

This is your last chance
if it`s me you want
You have too tell me now
you will loose me if you don`t

I am walking out that door
and never looking back
If you don`t speak up
in your life something will always lack

This I know for sure
cause deep down your crazy over me
And our souls and hearts
together are meant to be

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