Sunday, February 25, 2007

To make Genevieve A. fall in love with you is easy

  1. Talk theology to me. Pastoral theology to be more specific. Tell me what to do with difficult people in churches. Show me how a minister should act without getting physically and emotionally involve with the opposite sex and I will love you.
  2. Apply psychology to your theology. Analyze people for me. Help me understand human behavior and indulge in diverse personalities. That way, I can look up to you and acknowledge you as an intelligent and wise person.
  3. Explain your theology and psychology using philosophy. How else can you elaborate on paradoxical and propositional statements without the works of philosophers.
  4. Surprise me. I love to travel. Take me to different states. Lets stop at every scenic routes and take pictures.
  5. While driving on the longest highway ever, love music with me. Be open.
  6. Sing to me. Let me sing even if I am off key.
  7. When no one is looking, dance with me. Dance with me like you haven’t danced with any woman before.
  8. Make me laugh. Make me snort. Ill be yours forever.
  9. Feed me. Ill eat anything edible. Im not picky. I am adventurous. Eat with me.
  10. Be sweet and sincere, always.
  11. Be loyal and faithful, always.
  12. Respect my pace, and my space.
  13. Love me, even if you don’t understand me.

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